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We love projects which are new, exciting and challenging and we have worked hard to make them reality. From figuring out how to create and build an autonomous 4D simulation life sized hologram, which has been running every twenty minutes, 10 hours a day for the past 5 years, or a full sized Virtual Guide which has been running for 3 years, to building an interactive Augmenting Reality underwater world populated with fish and sharks.

In all of these projects we have utilized our skills as filmmakers, taking those skills into the new worlds we are creating. So have a look at what we have done both on this page and on the Projects page which has details on the products we have along with the various projects we have been involved with.

Film and Video Production

We have been in the film and video production industry for over 30 years. We have filmed in over 35 countries worldwide, on Feature films, dramas, commercials, corporate, reality, 3D, Holographic, AR. We know the industry and how to make your vision a reality.

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We are the leading holographic providers in New Zealand. We have done more holographic productions than anyone else. If its experience and expertise youre after in Holograms, then come to the best.

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We are the first and only suppliers of Fogscreens in New Zealand. We've done major events where the Wow factor has been wanted. For more information, please click on the read more link.

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Virtual Assistants

More firsts. We created the first Virtual Assistants in New Zealand and even turned them into interactive Virtual Assistants on stage for live presentations. They come in any size, shape, or personality.

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Augmenting Reality

More firsts. We created the first AR experience in New Zealand by placing people under the sea to experience sustainable fishing. We have also taken this international, promoting fitness in Australia and beyond.

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3D with and without glasses

We created the first 3D music video in New Zealand, then the first short film in 3D. We pioneered a budget friendly high speed 3D rig which we used in China and filmed one of the first ever 3D programmes broadcast in America.

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Its not only these projects we have done. We created the Ghost light in Reefton. A light which came on when a switch was pressed half a kilometer away, without cables...and without power. We think through the project and come through with remarkable solutions.. If its new and different, then we like it.

About Company

We create compelling content that is...

Visually and aurally stunning

Emotionally gratifying

Technically exciting

Unique and unforgettable

We love Wow!

Shotz Ltd is a boutique production company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have over 25 years of experience of making TVC's, documentaries, dramas, corporate videos.

As well as future technolgies including live event holograms, walk through projection screens, virtual people,.hologram boxes, video games and everything which is new and exciting.

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