Heres a selection of some of our recent projects

Its been a great few months. We have had people asking us to do projects from Germany, Austria, The USA, Australia and New Zealand. So far this year we have been busy working with our new LED screens and recenly completed the install of an irregular shaped LED screen for BNZ. Weve done a few Fogscreen events and are in the process of getting in new LED screens both flexible and transparent.

BNZ Irregular Screen

March 2017 we installed an irregular shaped LED screen for BNZ in their new Christchurch head office. This is a 4m x 2,4m screen with a 3,9mm pitch and 1800 nits brightness. It certainly make a great feature.

Mediaworks relaunch

Mediaworks used our Fogscreen for their rebranding launch. Their staff and clients loved the effect it gave and it certainly enhansed their experience.

Altered Egos

Ali Cowley used our holoboxX to showcase the skills he has in his exhibition in Auckland which ran for over 2 months. The holoboxX brought his effots to life like no other.

Dawsons Events

Dawsons events used our Fogscreen as the entrance to their clients recent wedding. They loved it and the happy couple were extatic with the effect.

Projection Mapping

In association with Ali Cowley, we helped created a projection mapping easel, which brought numerous characters to life. The effect was amazing and was extrememly popular.

Augmenting Reality

Augmenting Reality is great, but putting it into an environment where many people can interact is not so easy. We have done AR events where you can have a virtual trainer, or can go under the sea to see floating coral and interact with the fish. Its effective and engaging.

Theres amazing new technologies coming out all the time. We love finidng the best solution for our clients.

About Company

We create compelling content that is...

Visually and aurally stunning

Emotionally gratifying

Technically exciting

Unique and unforgettable

We love Wow!

Shotz Ltd is a boutique production company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have over 25 years of experience of making TVC's, documentaries, dramas, corporate videos.

As well as future technolgies including live event holograms, walk through projection screens, virtual people,.hologram boxes, video games and everything which is new and exciting.

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