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Who we are

We do Wow! If it’s new and innovative, then that’s what we like. We don’t like to follow, we like to lead, which is why we’re a company of first’s. We’re the only company to have created an autonomous life sized holographic installation. It’s been running non-stop now for over three years. We’re the only supplier and rental agent for Fogscreen, an amazing, walk through, projection screen. We’re the first ones to create a Virtual Assistant, a 24/7 information and promotion system. We build and rent our own hologram boxes which are different sizes and views. We did a Live Augmenting Reality Campaign internationally to great effect. We installed the first Auto-stereoscopic screen and created the eye catching content for it. We do 3D locally and internationally. If its new and cool, we do it!

Some of our projects


The big challenge here was to create a life sized Holographic recreation from 100 years ago...and get the system to operate independently every day without problems. So far its been running ,without problems, for the past three years.

Augmenting Reality


We built an entrire Augmenting Reality system and shipped it to Brisbane Australia. We sucessfully integrate live and virtual into the same picture and got such great reactions. We had over 3000 people through the system over 5 days, got great press coverage through newspaper and television. Fantastic social media response and even managed to get a 30 second commercial out of it. Bang for your buck, this ticks all the boxes.

Virtual Assistant

The South Island has the first Virtual Assistant and three sided holoboxX in New Zealand. Our new range of HoloboxX's and Virtual Assistants are on their way.


With or without glasses

Shaolin 3D. The challenges on this production were interesting. We had to shoot fast, in low light conditions...oh and design a new affordable high speed 3D system for television and cinema release.


Unique and different. Lasting memories.

Our Services

We create unique attractions like live event holograms and Augmenting Reality, and rent out systems like Fogscreens and Hologram Boxes and Virtual Assistants as well as creating eye catching content for the products we sell and rent.

Discover the idea

We work with you to discover the best application to make your project come to life.The Difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a little longer.

Create project

Different projects require different teams and technolgies. If we cant do it in house, then we work with the best in their fields to overcome the technical challenges required and give you a single point of contact.

Client Delivering

We personally deliver and set up systems we create and backup all the systems we make. We have travelled over 1300km on a single project, to deliver a system so that we can make sure its set up and works correctly out of the box.

Ongoing Support

We will back up our systems and have never let a client down. From on site inspection, to continuous monitoring at the Event, to remote monitoring, we work with you to give you the best experience possible.



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Difficult we do at once...Impossible takes a little longer. Imagine/Create

Contact Details

If you have a great project and want to make an impact, than get in touch with us.We work with all budget sizes and can give you the best value for your budget.

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